Six Foods In Your Diet For Healthy Looking Skin

The answer to skin related problems such as ageing damage, sunburn, dark spots, dryness and acne isn’t always found in creams and lotions. Sometimes, healthy foods can turn out to be the best solution.

We are what we eat, and diet acts as the fuel for our bodies, and the quality of fuel will reflect in your skin. Just like internal health, a good, balanced diet is equally important for external health and wellbeing, and that includes our skin.

Do you want to have great looking skin? The following food items can help.

1: A handful of Walnuts:

If you are not a fish lover like me, you can add a handful of walnuts in your diet as an alternate source of Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. It will improve the skin texture, boost the production of collagen, improve skin elasticity and add to the smoothness of the skin. If you don’t like munching walnuts, you can make them a part of your dessert, salad or pasta.

2: Single Serving of Yogurt:

Yogurt is a delicious food, full of calcium, protein and other essential multivitamins. It adds to the firmness of the skin, prevents premature ageing and helps in toning the texture and complexion of the skin. It also removes dead skin cells leading to acne, clears skin blemishes and prevents dark circles around the eyes.

3: Four Cups of Green Tea:

Green tea, known as the skin-friendly beverage, contains antioxidants that can play a key role in fighting against skin inflammation. It reduces skin puffiness, lowers the risk of skin cancer, reduces sun damage and prevents the sagging and wrinkling of the skin. One cup of green tea is not enough, take at least 3-4 cups daily and add lemon juice for better results.

4: Cucumber:

Cucumber is a low calorie, fibre and vitamin-rich food that brings amazing benefits to the skin. It contains 95% water and antioxidants, so it will keep the skin hydrated and play a significant role in fighting inflammation. It eliminates skin puffiness, reduces wrinkles, and also helps in closing the open pores.

5: Chocolate Squares:

Cocoa, present in chocolate, contains potent antioxidants known as flavonols which are great for boosting skin health. A couple of dark chocolate squares containing high levels of cocoa can reduce skin puffiness, improve luminosity, protect against sun damage and keep your skin hydrated.

6: One Egg a Day:

When it comes to protein intake, nothing is a better option than eggs. Apart from protein, they also contain an essential vitamin known as ‘biotin’, which prevents the skin from drying. Eggs contain antioxidants, i.e. zeaxanthin and Lutein which protect our skin from harmful UV rays. Eggs can remove skin scars and spots, repair discolouration, give protection against skin cancers, and add to the firmness and softness of the skin.

Other than these foods, simply try to add more fruits and vegetables, and cut down on unhealthy junk food, and your overall health will start reflecting in your skin.

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