Homemade Remedy to eliminate Dandruff

Dandruff is such an annoying problem to have. It looks like there’s snow on your shoulders, and it is a very visible problem that other people can notice. When you have dandruff, your scalp becomes itchy, and if you scratch your head, snow white dandruff flakes will fall. Having dandruff is certainly not a life-threatening disease, but it is one that can be persistent. What do you do if you have this problem? Well, you can always buy products from the store which have chemicals and other ingredients that may or may not cure your problem, or you can make your own solution in the comforts of your own home. All you need are the following ingredients:


  • Natural Shampoo
  • Cotton pads or cotton balls
  • Witch Hazel astringent/ Apple cider vinegar
  • Baby oil/Olive Oil
  • Lemon juice
  • 1 Towel


Brushing your hair thoroughly improves blood circulation in your scalp, and this is the first step in removing the residual dandruff flakes. You should bend your head forward and comb your hair starting from the back of the neck area to the top of your head. Massage your head before and after brushing to improve blood circulation.

You should always make sure that your scalp is clean. A dirty head will attract problems like dandruff. One way to remove dandruff is to mix apple cider vinegar and water and rub the scalp with the solution dabbed in cotton balls. You can also use Witch hazel instead of vinegar. If you don’t like the burn that accompanies these ingredients, replace them with undiluted coconut oil. Massage your scalp and rinse your head with hot water for fifteen minutes.

You should also change your eating habits. A well-balanced meal makes you healthy inside and out. For a final tip, after washing your hair, make a solution of water with a teaspoon of lemon juice added to it. Use this for your final rinse. It will make your hair look shiny and also solve your dandruff problem.

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